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5 fantastic South-West entrepreneurs

Western Australia’s South-West isn’t just an area of outstanding beauty. It’s also home to many creative businesses that are making a big impact across Australia and even globally. From humble roots, these innovators have drawn inspiration from their home and environment to bring their unique products to the rest of the world. Let’s meet a few of them.

Creatures of Leisure

Surfing accessories company Creatures of Leisure’s home is wave-rich Yallingup — a place which has also produced some of the best surfers in the world. Starting with the world’s first urethane leash with injection parts to tackle the powerful local waves, the company has been designing and developing surf accessories that are sold worldwide for 30 years.

They now have offices as far afield as France and California and their brand ambassadors include legendary surfers Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore.

Creature’s of Leisure

We Are Feel Good Inc

A surfer, a doctor, a builder and their talented partners had a dream of creating the world’s best sunscreen and if you asked them today, that’s exactly what they’ve done!

Keen surfers, the founders of We Are Feel Good Inc cooked up the idea for an Australian-made sunscreen that could withstand the harshest environments, was paraben and preservative-free and felt good on the skin.

Feel Good Inc’s range of products does exactly that. It’s also one of the first Australian sunscreens that is both preservative free and has a three-year shelf life. Borne out of the company’s love for the outdoors and active lifestyles, its products are now stocked in dozens of stores across WA, and they ship nationally and internationally.

The team behind We are Feel Good Inc.

Yallingup Woodfired Bread

It might be hard to imagine getting excited over dough, but Yallingup’s Woodfired Bread has an international reputation and a dedicated foodie following.

Originally from Germany, owners Gotthard and Marion Bauer built their bakery in 1999. Their famous bread is made with love and produced the old-fashioned way. It’s certified biodynamic, made from locally-grown grain that is stoneground, molded by hand, and baked in volcanic stone ovens heated by wood fires. No wonder their produce is the stuff of legends.

Aside from the bakery itself, where bread-lovers can pick up a hot loaf, the Bauers supply their bread wholesale and were brought in to install a bakery at the popular Bread in Common restaurant.

Yallingup Woodfired Bread’s Gotthard Bauer. Pic : Holly Cocker

Streater Fine Furniture

Master craftsman and bespoke furniture designer John Streater is one of the South-West’s most well-known artisans. From his workshop and gallery in Yallingup, he creates unique pieces from sideboards to dining tables, using techniques similar to the old masters.

John has been commissioned to create pieces for clients across the globe, from Chicago to Christchurch. He is known for creating furniture that draws on the surrounding environment. In particular, he uses local hardwoods jarrah and marri, and every piece has a signature carved leaf.

John Streater

Corrynne’s Natural Soaps, Skincare, Body and Bath products

The team behind Corrynne’s Soaps is dedicated to delivering natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly, chemical-free beauty products. They make all their soaps, creams, scrubs and oils using good old fashioned, plant-based processes at their factory in Dunsborough.

The company has been creating their all-natural products for more than 20 years and sells wholesale across the state, as well as to the public through their shop front.

Corrynne’s Soaps puts the emphasis on the product rather than the packaging, only uses ingredients that aren’t harmful to people or waterways and uses a manufacturing process that doesn’t overheat ingredients, so that their benefits are not destroyed.

The team behind Corrynne’s Soap

Why not visit the South-West and see for yourself?

The Private Properties team takes inspiration from the South-West’s most successful entrepreneurs. Owners David and Jody Moyes say they are proud of what local businesses have achieved.

“We’re pleased to be working amongst a network of vibrant local companies,” they said. “We’ve grown ourselves, now accepting guests from 19 different countries every year. We’re passionate about the area, the environment and the people and so are our guests.”

If you’d like to rent one of Private Properties stunning homes, and visit some of the South-West’s most innovative businesses, get in touch. We have dozens of stunning properties to help make your next holiday memorable.

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