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Check out these fabulous recipes perfect for your summer holiday

friends toasting with red wine after the harvesting

Summer holidays are a time for family. They’re a time for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, forgetting your worries, and enjoying some of the simpler things in life: the sun and the big blue WA sky, time with loved ones, reading a good book, swimming in the ocean and — for many of us — indulging in good food and wine.

The South-West is brimming with wonderful restaurants and wineries, many of which are famous across the country and, indeed, the world. But as nice as heading out to eat can be, often it’s a far more pleasurable experience to cook for friends and family yourself. And why not, when the region has so many wonderful, locally produced ingredients? What could be better than creating a satisfying, healthy dinner for your family using fresh goods you picked up at the local farmers’ market?

Here are some recipe ideas perfect for a holiday in a self-catering property with cooking facilities.

A healthy breakfast

Vegemite on toast might be the easiest thing to eat during a working week but a holiday gives you a bit more time to whip up a fruit salad, bring in good yoghurt from the Margaret River Dairy Company and mix together your own muesli. The great thing about muesli is that you can change the ingredients according to what’s in season. A trip to one of the local produce markets is an ideal place to find a variety of fruits to top your cereal.

A light lunch

You might be holidaying in luxury but you can take your culinary inspiration from the rustic surrounds that make the South-West so beautiful. Why not try a ploughman’s lunch? A traditional ploughman’s includes bread, cheese, meat, some sort of pickle and a good wodge of chutney. But you can also mix things up with other ingredients, like chorizo or other locally made smallgoods, olives and relish. And make sure to indulge in bread from Yallingup Woodfired Bakery for a local favourite.

The perfect picnic

Sometimes, as wonderful as your self-catering accommodation may be, it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Famous Australian food critic Matt Preston has some great advice on how to create the perfect picnic. Preston recommends taking lots of ice to keep important items cool. If you can’t get your hands on any ice, it’s best to pack food that won’t spoil — so hold the mayo and salad dressing.

Chef Hamish McLeay’s easy summer recipe

Renowned Yallingup chef Hamish McLeay has his own ideas for the perfect summer fare. Here is his recipe for ceviche.

Ceviche with Crispy Cos Lettuce

300 grams fresh-caught whitefish*
2 mild red chilies
¼ cup fresh coriander
Juice of 2 limes, about 60 ml juice in total
Olive oil
¼ cup spring onion, the white part only

Cos lettuce leaves to serve

1) With sharp knife, dice fish into 2mm dice, removing any sinew.
2) Remove chili seeds and finely dice chilies.
3) Thinly slice spring onion and chop coriander. All ingredients should be fine to allow even distribution of flavours.
4) Zest limes and mix all together with fish, chili, spring onion and coriander.
5) Two hours before eating, add lime juice and a good splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Serve with extra chili, a sprig of coriander and crispy baby cos lettuce leaves.

*If you want to use a local whitefish, try nannygai.

Whatever food you choose to enjoy — whether it’s in your self-catering accommodation or down at the beach — don’t forget to pair it with a bottle of award-winning Margaret River wine!

If you feel inspired to head down south and make the most of the summer sunshine and the culinary delights of the South-West region, check out the Private Properties website. Properties are still available for a January holiday.

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