Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kid’s Nature Activities in the Margaret River Region

Safe Swimming 

Although it’s known for its colossal swell, the Margaret River region does have a few beaches perfect for protected swimming with children. Typically anything along the Geographe Bay coast will be flat and perfect for swimming but a particular favourite among the locals is Meelup Beach. With shaded grassy areas and built-in barbecues, the beach is perfect for families looking to spend a whole day relaxing by the Indian Ocean. If you stay into the evening, it’s one of the most beautiful spots in Western Australia to watch the moon rise over the sea. Particularly on full moons, locals and tourists alike flock to Meelup Beach to watch the moon rise with a shimmering reflection on the glassy water.

If you’re looking for a spot with a touch of excitement for the adults, look no further than Yallingup Lagoon. Although not literally a lagoon, it’s aptly named because the surrounding reef creates a protected swimming bay that’s almost always clear and undisturbed. For kids, this is a great place to swim and play, and a great snorkel spot if you have equipment handy. For adults, the Yallingup Main Break sits right behind the reef protecting the lagoon. This gives parents a wonderful opportunity to have a quick surf, or sit back and spectate.

Walking Trails

For a different feel away from the coast, try a stroll through Boranup Forest in Margaret River. The giant trees dwarf humans, humbling you as you pass through. The sun shines through the canopy lighting your path with a beautiful mottled light. If you’re dying to try walking some of the famous Cape to Cape Track, head to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse. The Department of Parks and Wildlife in conjunction with Friends of the Cape to Cape Track have jointly built a 3.7 km stretch of pavement and boardwalk between the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and Sugarloaf Rock carpark, making it accessible to wheelchairs, gophers and prams if you’re traveling with infants or children with disabilities.

Another local walk that’s fully wheelchair and pram accessible is the Ellensbrook Homestead to Meekadarabee Cave and Falls walk. The walk spans two kilometres, and presents an opportunity for children to learn about the indigenous culture behind the region. This particular area is sacred to the Aboriginal people, known as the “bathing place of the moon”. Ellensbrook also has a paved area leading to a coastal lookout, with a beach ripe with shells, crabs and other treasures.


For a little more excitement, take the kids to any of the nearby caves, Lake Cave, Ngilgi Cave, Jewel Cave or Mammoth Cave, to take a tour through the mystical spaces and learn more about the history of the region.

If you have a fibreglass-bottomed body board, or just a sturdy cardboard box, why not try sandboarding down Injidup sand dune? Or if you’re a little further north and your children are competent swimmers, go jumping off the Busselton Jetty. If your kids are confident on bikes, the Margaret River-Prevelly Beach cycle trail is only 12 kilometres long, along a sealed concrete cycle path. It’s mostly downhill on the way there, with a chance to cool off at Prevelly Beach before some uphill moments on the way back.

Australia’s Southwest provides countless opportunities for families of all types to relax, explore and enjoy the beautiful natural environment. For your next ‘down South’ holiday, check out the Private Properties child friendly range of accommodation. We give you access to the biggest range of the highest quality houses in the most popular holiday regions in WA.

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