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Where to see dolphins and other marine creatures in WA’s South-West

Australia’s South-West is a fantastic place to see dolphins and other marine wildlife.

Whether you want to experience them out in the wild in their natural habitat or get up close and learn more about them from experts, here are the best places to see them.

 See dolphins in the Mandurah Estuary

The estuaries around Mandurah and the Peel-Harvey inlet are renowned hotspots for seeing dolphins in the wild.

Peel-Harvey is home to about 80 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, and there are 30 more that call the Dawesville Cut home. The adult dolphins can be more than two metres long and weigh up to 220 kilograms.

The Mandurah dolphins are known to be very playful and cheeky. You can often see them frolicking in the water from the shoreline. But if you want to get a bit closer and learn lots about them, including their individual characters, Mandurah Cruises has a couple of tour options available.

Get up close to dolphins and other wildlife in Bunbury

Another great option if you want to see dolphins up close is to visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury, where you can even swim with the animals.

This award-winning tourist attraction has just had a multi-million dollar revamp, to improve the experience of both the dolphins and you, the visitor. The centre is dedicated to dolphin research, conservation and education and has state-of-the-art interpretive displays.

Bunbury’s Koombana Bay is home to wild Bottlenose Dolphins, which regularly visit the centre’s interaction zone at peak times of the year.

At the centre you can take a Dolphin Eco Cruise around the bay or interact with the dolphins in their own environment on a Swim on the Wild Side Tour.

See dolphins on the South Coast at Albany

King George Sound at Albany, and particularly the estuarine waters around Emu Point, is the ideal place to see dolphins on the South Coast.

Dolphins are regularly spotted playing in the calm waters of the protected bays around the coast – where, at the right time of year, you will also spot whales.

Experience dolphins in Augusta

It’s not quite as well-known as other dolphin hotspots in the South-West, partly because it’s a much smaller group that lives there, but Flinders Bay and the Blackwood River are also good places to see these beautiful animals.

Come into contact with stingrays at Hamelin Bay

If you love marine wildlife, then Hamelin Bay is a very special place indeed. The waters here are clear and the boat launch area is a favourite spot for the local stingray population.

You can stand in the water and have them brush over your feet, watch them swimming around and witness them eating the scraps of fish and bait thrown in the water by people fishing on the jetty.

Whether you’re travelling to the South-West to experience our wildlife, or you’re just keen to see some while you’re here, Private Properties has some magnificent homes available to help make your holiday memorable. Visit our collection here.

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