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Which flowers are in fashion this wedding season?

It’s spring, and that means wedding season is upon us in Australia’s South-West.

Although there is a huge list of things to think about when it comes to organising your special day, one element perhaps stands out from the rest, and that is flowers.

They feature in just about every photograph – from the bridal bouquet to the ceremony and reception decoration – and set the tone for the look and feel of your special day.

So, what’s in fashion this wedding season? We asked Dunsborough florists Susie Lindley of Flowers for Mrs Harris and Bridget Lukin of Zest Flowers for their expert opinion.


What’s on trend this wedding season?

Susie: We are seeing a lot of pinks, reds and burgundy tones this season.  Often, these are captured in quite textural bouquets, which include locally grown proteas. Alternatively, we are seeing quite flower-dense, luxe bouquets in peonies, and roses with statement orchids.

Our natural settings lend themselves to the boho look and we are seeing pampas grass used to add a soft botanical look to arbours and bouquets. For the ceremonies themselves, we are seeing interesting shape arbours, including circular and triangular.

Flowers for Mrs Harris, Susie Lindley

Bridget: There’s quite a lot of burgundy at the moment. I think people recognise that we do a lot of natives so we have beautiful white king proteas, but then we have the greys, the greens, and the silver as well. This year, the trend will be a lot of whites, greys and silver like the beautiful eucalyptus and the gum.

For table settings, it depends on the venue. People are really loving floral and foliage garlands at the moment, and they position their beautiful candles in among those.


What are your favourite picks for the season?

Susie: It is impossible to choose a favourite pick of the season; we are so lucky to work with amazing couples, who all have different tastes. As florists, and lovers of flowers, we do have a special spot for relaxed classic romantic bouquets.


Bridget: Anything that is local, beautifully picked and fresh. It’s got to be fresh. We focus a lot on local produce, with two suppliers who are both local.


What do you recommend for couples planning an outdoor wedding?

Susie: Work with your florist to identify where in your venue it is best to place florals, and consider using designs for your ceremony that can be relocated to the reception afterwards to maximise your investment. Have a wet weather back-up plan.

Bridget: You can’t go past the tipis if you’re having a hot summer’s day wedding. The tipis and the Sperry tents are really popular – either of these decorated lends itself a really beautiful outdoor feel.

Zest Flowers – Bridal Bouquet

How does a hot summer’s day factor into wedding flowers?

Susie: Select more robust flower types for the bouquets. Place them in a cool, dark spot away from direct sunlight and spritz them with water if really hot. Ask your florist to supply vases into which your bouquets can be placed during the reception so you can give them a well-deserved drink.

 Bridget: I don’t think it does. I say to brides if you love it, I’ll use it – as long as it’s in season; it has to be seasonal.

What’s your best advice when it comes to planning wedding flowers?

Susie: Be true to yourself, think about who you are as a couple and how you want your day to look. This can be very difficult with the huge array of amazing images on Pinterest, and there are well meaning family and friends willing to give opinions, but be strong – the more selections and decisions you make along the way, the easier it gets.

Bridget: You need to send images of what you love and then we can mix and match to create something special for you. It’s always nice for them to have a colour scheme – it’s really the colours they need to choose first.


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