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A whale of a time! Your guide to whale watching in Dunsborough

Could there be a more heart-soaring sight than mighty whales launching themselves ever so gracefully out of the deep blue ocean water? Humpbacks, with their melodic songs and frolicking ways, are really common in WA’s South West and can measure up to 18m in length and weigh a jaw-dropping 40 tonnes. Witnessing the spectacle really is something else. But the best part? When you’re on holiday here, you may not even need to leave shore to enjoy the sights.


Here’s where to go whale watching in the Dunsborough-Yallingup area, around beautiful Cape Naturaliste.


Meelup Trail

Take a blissful walk from Dunsborough to Meelup with wide open views of the whales’ playground. As a Grade 2 trail, this is suitable for young children and up, but it is about 3.7km if you want to attempt the whole length.

Humpback Whale breaching in Geographe Bay

Humpback Whale breaching in Geographe Bay

Meelup lookout

Drive along Meelup Beach Road as it snakes through the thickly-wooded regional park. There’s great elevation here, which means ample opportunity to see passing whales as you carry on with your day to the beach or visiting the popular eateries in the area.


Castle Rock

This rugged burnt-orange rock rises steeply from the shallow aquamarine water, surrounded by swathes of greenery. If you’re game, clamber up the rockface for an incredible vista. Get there by walking Meelup Reserve Trail or drive to the carpark at the end of Castle Rock Road.

Jet Adventures captured this image near Point Picquet

Jet Adventures captured this image near Point Picquet

Point Picquet

In between Eagle Bay and Meelup is one of the region’s most dazzling and photographed locations: Point Picquet. Stand on the rocks at this secluded corner of the world, and you could be treated to entire families of whales as they pass quite close to the shore.


Bunker Bay

There’s no matching beauty like this. Visit Bunkers Beach House café for lunch or a weekend breakfast with the creamy white shore directly in front. Stay at our property, also named Bunkers Beach House, for postcard-perfect views and the chance to see whales from your deck.

Bunkers Beach House, overlooking Bunker Bay

Bunkers Beach House, overlooking Bunker Bay, perfect for whale watching with a telescope

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

It’s essential that a lighthouse has a clear view of the ocean, and it’s this quality that makes an ideal whale watching location. The view from the bottom of the white-painted, red-door Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is great, but venture up the stairs and bask in the 123m birds eye view.


Cape to Cape Track

The world-famous Cape to Cape Track rambles between forests, cliffs, meadows, and sweeping ocean vistas. Head to the area between Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and Sugarloaf Rock, and make your way to the sealed section for the best spot.


Injidup Beach

A quiet and pristine beach away from the crowds. Try your luck at the lookout near the carpark, heading to where surfers stand to assess the waves (which also happens to be one of the best places to spy our majestic marine friends).

Injidup Beach

Injidup Beach

Yallingup Hill

These lush hills have some of the best seats in the house. Stay in a Yallingup holiday home that clings high on the slope for a great view of the ‘Indian Ocean Highway’. You may even grab a glimpse of a breech while casually wandering down the road to grab your morning coffee!


Jet Adventures

For a whale watching tour with a difference, get in touch with Jet Adventures. Hop on board their custom-built jet boat, ‘the Exhilarator’, between Augusta and December each year for a thrilling adventure.

Jet Adventures in Geographe Bay

Jet Adventures in Geographe Bay


Book your whale watching adventure in the Dunsborough-Yallingup area during winter and spring. Browse our portfolio of luxury holiday homes today.


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