Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Capturing brilliance: the man behind the lens

Architectural photography is certainly a niche field.

If you can capture a house in just the right light, with just the right amount of sunshine streaming through a window or a chair or table pointed “just so”, you might just get the perfect shot.

When photographing homes, the key element is to paint a picture for someone of what it would be like to spend some time there. If someone can imagine themselves having a wine on that deck or a coffee in that sunny alcove, then really, you’ve done your job.

Private Properties’ in-house photographer, Matthew Moyes, has architectural photography down to a fine art. And so he should, he’s been working with the company for more than eight years now.

For Matthew, working with Private Properties ties together two of his great loves: design and photography. Indeed, he once started a Diploma of Building Design before switching to photography when he developed a passion for it.

Matthew has a certain style that captures all the right angles of a home, and it’s this quality and consistency that makes his work so instantly recognisable.

“My style is basically architectural, but for Private Properties each house has to have images showing the individual atmosphere and vibe that it can provide for your holiday,” he said.

“Every house is unique and is therefore appealing to many different types of people and families who might want to stay there.

“I think it’s really important to also capture the region the houses are in; the Margaret River region has stunning locations and landscapes. Many of the houses are right near the ocean and forests — so I also want to show it as one of Australia’s must-see destinations. I feel very lucky to live down here.”

Flinders Bay House, Augusta

Flinders Bay House in Augusta


Flametree, Dunsborough

Flametree in near Quindalup, Dunsborough


The devil is in the details

As Private Properties has evolved as a business, so have the photographic shoots for some of its most beautiful houses. It seems the devil is indeed in the details.

“Sometimes you take photos where you think ‘oh no! That shouldn’t be there’ or ‘we missed that!’ You learn from every shoot you do,” Matthew said.

“We are starting to spend more time on the shoots, scouting and writing up plans of what must be included now. We also have a team come out on site to style the properties. That makes my job a whole lot easier.

“A shoot on average can take about four hours on site, then about four hours of digital editing in the office.

“Also now that videos are becoming a standard feature for most of the properties, that can add another day for the shoot, then a day for the editing of the video.

“Aerial photography and drones are a big thing; for Private Properties they literally let people know where the home is on the map in relation to the beach, restaurants, town sites, et cetera. People really respond to them.

“I love the challenge of every home that I shoot. They’re all different, but in some of the most stunning locations in the world.

“Whatever the home looks like, I think it’s my job to really highlight that luxury lifestyle of people on holidays. Show off a home’s best features by capturing the feel and its features including the pool, kitchen, living areas, the luxury of the bedroom and any little quirks that might make it really stand out.

Picquet is one of my favourite homes in the Private Properties stable and literally a stone’s throw from the ocean. It was built many years ago but is still considered contemporary in its style and open to the northern sunlight with sweeping views of the ocean. It’s hard to take a bad picture of that one.

Picquet, Eagle Bay

Picquet in Eagle Bay


“I mean who wouldn’t want to spend some time in any of these properties? They’re all visually stunning and I honestly feel very lucky to be able to spend some time bringing out their best angles.”

Even with stunning photography, the houses are even better in real life. Browse our portfolio to select a holiday home today.

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