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Discover the South West’s secret snorkelling spots

As you bob beneath the waves, another world unfolds right before your very eyes. A flurry of fish activity here, a burst of colour there, and then you experience that undeniable sense of freedom that comes with a snorkelling adventure. It’s that sense of ease and being privy to a world that we rarely have access to that makes snorkelling such an exhilarating and popular activity.


The Margaret River tourist region is blessed with a breathtaking coastline, complete with caves, cliffs, waterfalls, surf breaks, and shipwrecks. Here’s some tips on the best places to snorkel in the South West.


The Aquarium, Yallingup

This is one of those perfect locations you simply can’t believe your good luck at stumbling across – especially if you get the chance to enjoy the spoils all to yourself. This natural rockpool can be found halfway between surf mecca Smiths Beach and the and the tourist hotspot of Canal Rocks. It is best accessed by the car park slightly north of Canal Rocks and it’s a few hundred metres walk from there. The trail down to The Aquarium is laden with tree roots, sand and rocks, so not it’s universally accessible, unfortunately. It’s a secluded little spot with limited facilities so remember to pack drinking water.

The Aquarium

The Aquarium. Image courtesy of Bobby Bense and @helen_jannesonbense

Cape Naturaliste to Geographe Bay

The pretty-as-a-picture bays and coves that line the Cape Naturaliste area hide a little secret: lots of fantastic snorkelling adventures. The headlands at Meelup are perfect for spotting animal life and collecting shells and unique rocks. Further along is Eagle Bay, which has shallow, clear water and is exceptionally family-friendly. No intrepid adventuring necessary. Gannet Rock nearby is a bit of a swim but also pleasant. Castle Rock to the east of Meelup is more rugged and secluded, but you’ll get to see schools of fish, octopuses and crabs scurrying about the rocks.

Meelup Beach

Canal Rocks

Not for the faint-hearted but this expedition will reward those who take the plunge. Thousands of years of wind and pounding ocean surges have carved out beautiful channels that make for a perfect snorkelling opportunity on calm days. You may even spot stingrays and dolphins while you’re out there. However spectacular this area is though, it isn’t recommended for young ones or beginners, and even experienced snorkellers should take note of the currents and weather warnings.


Busselton Jetty’s Underwater Observatory

This is one of the region’s most iconic attractions – it’s the longest timber-piled jetty in the southern hemisphere after all – so you might be well acquainted with it. But when you’re under the rippling surface, life looks a little different. At 1.8 km long, it makes for a magnificent artificial reef and is home to an incredible 300 species of marine life with stunning coral and sponge in vibrant colours clinging to the pylons. The numerous schools of fish are a spectacle to see, but you may even be lucky enough to see something bigger, as curious fur seals and sea lions have been known to drop by for a visit!

Under the Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty. Image courtesy of Osprey Creative

Granny’s Pool, Augusta

These pale blue shallows are perfect for the younger members of the family and beginner snorkellers. The windswept corner of our state at Augusta has superb beaches, and tucked inside the protective rocks on the main beach is this lovely 100 m long tidal pool. Easily accessible from the beach and with plenty of parking, it’s literally steps from your car to Granny’s Pool.

Granny's Pool. Image courtesy of Jinna Yang

Granny’s Pool. Image courtesy of Jinna Yang

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