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Plan the ultimate babymoon

Expectant parents looking to enjoy one last holiday hurrah before their bundle of joy arrives will love a Down South babymoon. While it’s common for first-time parents to take one, it’s a break just as welcome for those expecting subsequent children. After all, they know what’s in store and now is the time to stock up on sleep and indulge in a little pampering! This is your guide to a babymoon in the Margaret River region.


What to do on a babymoon

While wine and soft cheese, horse riding and scuba diving may be off the agenda for now, there’s still a huge variety of holiday activities you can enjoy.

  • Find a secluded beach and take in the moment. Breathe in the salty air, wriggle your toes in the soft sand, and let the cool water lap against your ankles. Read more in our guide to the best beaches in the Margaret River region.
  • Visit a spa for a mum-to-be pampering session. You’ll love getting a pregnancy massage at Body Bliss, nestled deep in serene Boranup Forest, or get spoiled with your partner by your side with OM Day Spa’s 90 minute Baby Moon Ritual.
  • Indulge your inner foodie. Book restaurants you’ve always wanted to try, nibble the goodies at the cheese and chocolate factories, and buy delicacies from local producers. Here are some great restaurants you might not have heard of.
  • Get back to nature. Witness a vibrant sunrise or sunset, the thumping surf, kangaroos hopping in peaceful fields, or whales frolicking in the ocean.
  • People-watch over a lazy morning coffee. Check out the best coffee shops in the region.
  • Savour decadent desserts, chocolate and sensational icecreams (and don’t share anything with anyone!).
  • Book a professional chef to visit your home and prepare a feast while you sit back and relax. Our favourites are here.
  • Wander the markets of the South West. The Margaret River Farmer’s Market every Saturday is fantastic.
  • Leisurely stroll the shops, taking your sweet time perusing the wares.
  • Take a scenic drive. If you’re worried about accessing facilities, you might like to stick to the areas around Caves Road rather than bumping along gravel roads in a forest with few bathroom stops.
  • Make impromptu decisions. Just get your bags and walk out the door – you’ll thank us for this advice later!


Book a maternity photo shoot

You’re already in paradise, so why not use this opportunity to book a maternity/family photographer to celebrate this special time? You might want something cosy and intimate to capture those precious quiet moments, or maybe you picture dramatic open scenery while you’re clad in a flowing dress. We think you’ll love the work by Caroline Moylan, Dian Sarah, Rae Marie, and Jodi Byles.


When to take a babymoon

There are no rules for a babymoon, aside from possible airline restrictions in late pregnancy. Most maternity care providers say the second trimester is generally the safest. You’re also likely to be feeling better with first trimester fatigue and nausea behind you, but you’re not yet too heavy to enjoy yourself.


Other babymoon considerations

  • If your intention is to indulge in great food, make sure you aren’t too far into your pregnancy. You don’t want heartburn or a restricted appetite cramping your well-laid plans.
  • Keep the weather in mind. If you’re feeling hot and bothered, perhaps reconsider that sun-drenched location. On the flipside, if you’re feeling the cold, you might want to escape somewhere warm.
  • Don’t cram in too much. If you feel you can only manage one outing per day, then listen to your body. Use this opportunity to unwind – that’s what a babymoon is all about.
  • Choose accommodation where there’s plenty to do on premises. When you don’t feel like leaving the house, you’ll really appreciate lounging by the luxury pool or fireplace, embracing quiet activities like puzzles and books, or vegging out on a plush sofa watching a movie.


Dreamy babymoon holiday accommodation

Longing for sun, sand, and sea? Or are you more of a tranquil forest retreat kind of person? Perhaps a secluded sprawling property near vineyards is calling your name? Here are our recommendations for the perfect babymoon accommodation.


Close to amenities

Dunn Bay Apartments

Dunn Bay Apartments, walking distance to town and beach in Dunsborough

Forest hideaway

la Cabine, Margaret River

la Cabine, Margaret River


Beachfront pad

Bay Watch, Dunsborough

Bay Watch, Dunsborough

Complete luxury

Sundowner, Yallingup

Sundowner, Yallingup


Browse our portfolio of luxury holiday homes today and get your babymoon weekend getaway booked in.


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