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Where to find kangaroos in WA’s South-West

The kangaroo is one of Australia’s most recognisable animals. It’s also very easy to find them in the wild, particularly in WA’s South-West region.

Famous for hopping on its powerful hind legs, the large marsupial can propel itself forward as fast as 60km per hour and can cover eight metres in a single leap. These docile animals live in groups and spend the days lounging around and the nights grazing out in the open. These characteristics mean it’s quite easy to spot them, especially around dusk and dawn.

If you’ve imagined waking up and seeing kangaroos within metres of your window, you’re in luck. We have many homes that will give you this very unique experience.

Accommodation Near Kangaroos

Kangaroo Lodge

The appropriately named Kangaroo Lodge is a large, cosy home set on five acres. With five bedrooms, a fireplace and wood flooring, it is conveniently located between the popular tourist towns of Dunsborough and Yallingup. Pets are allowed to stay here.

Kangaroo Lodge

Kangaroo Lodge

High Ridge

The bush setting means you have ample opportunity to see kangaroos and birdlife up-close in their native habitat. This property includes a tennis court, a theatre room with a 100-inch TV screen, and a master bedroom with its own sitting room and kitchenette.

HIgh Ridge, Yallingup

High Ridge, Yallingup


The ultimate luxury escape for a large group, this spacious estate is set on 180 acres with spectacular views above Bunker Bay. There is also a Par 3 golf course and a tennis court on the property.

Farm Break, Bunker Bay

Farm Break

Spotting Kangaroos

As luck would have it, kangaroos often prefer to be in wide-open spaces. You can find them easily while taking a walk or a drive, but there are also sure-fire locations that will virtually guarantee you a good photo opportunity.

Street-side Viewing

Sheoak Drive, Yallingup. While you’re there, stop in to Petra Olive Oil Estate or swim in Sheoak Dam, which is open to the public. Also nearby is the popular Yallingup Wood Fired Bread. Another local street where kangaroos congregate is Koorabin Drive, also in Yallingup.

Kangaroos Tips

While many kangaroos are reasonably used to people, remember they are still wild animals. Here are a few tips when interacting with them.

  • Keep your distance and don’t try to touch them. This is particularly important if you see juveniles nearby. Mothers are protective of their babies — called joeys — and will defend their young.
  • Act calm and avoid acting in an aggressive manner. While the animals are generally peaceful, they can be unpredictable if they feel threatened.
  • Take care driving, especially at sunrise and sundown. This is when kangaroo mobs are grazing and moving around.

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